Neodori Infinity

Choose your ’80s ride and start the journey!


the game

Neodori Infinity is an high speed road trip inspired by retro arcade classics, with powerful electronic beats and incredible drifts.

  • Fast cars, lots of nitro and limitless drifting
  • Drive in first or third person, using the joypad or the virtual wheel
  • Race across the world against a colourful cast of rivals in the main campaign
  • Unlock additional game modes and campaigns with new challenges and opponents
  • Lots of unlockable cars with different specs and skins
  • All original, upbeat electronic soundtrack

This is a VR exclusive, powered up version of Neodori Forever with tons of fixes, upgrades, and greatly improved driving physics, developed by Strobetano in collaboration with Commuter Games.




changes from Neodori Forever

General gameplay

  • Driving physics and car controls have been rewritten from scratch
  • All cars have different values for Acceleration, Handling, Nitro, Drift, Health
  • Rebalanced overall difficulty and spawn rate of items
  • More dynamic rival battles
  • Campaign levels are no longer randomly generated
  • Each zone has unique combinations of bends and slopes

Zen mode

  • Zen mode is unlocked much earlier
  • Only zones fully completed in Odyssey will appear in Zen mode
  • Unlimited Nitro use, no damage and no traffic in Zen mode


  • Improved road rendering system
  • Fixed and updated the looks of all cars
  • Improved nighttime appearance and light effects
  • New particles and sound effects for certain events
  • Menu notifications when new content is unlocked
  • Smoother scene transitions
  • Fixed many other graphic issues and glitches
  • Tons of bug fixes and quality of life improvements


  • Cars can store up to four Nitro charges
  • Hitting traffic when using Nitro doesn’t damage your car
  • Using Nitro is necessary to escape the police
  • Thug cars can be temporarily overrun with Nitro

New content

  • First person view with 3D interiors
  • Virtual steering wheel and handbrake
  • Additional camera control options
  • Rival cars can be unlocked when beating them in Odyssey
  • Reaching certain milestones will unlock additional cars
  • New menu theme and music tracks by Wheazel