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Fact sheet

Founding date

April 2018, Italy

Based in

Lausanne, Switzerland – current






Strobetano is a dynamic indie game studio founded in Italy during 2018, Strobetano has quickly established itself in the gaming world with its flagship title ‘Neodori Forever’. The studio is driven by a passion for creative storytelling and innovative game design, offering gamers unique and immersive experiences. With a commitment to quality and originality, Strobetano continues to push the boundaries of indie gaming, crafting worlds that captivate and engage players globally.


Strobetano began its journey in April 2018, originating from the creative vision of a passionate 19-year-old gamer and aspiring developer, Roberto Bendinelli. What started as a simple username for a game developer account swiftly transformed into a pursuit of crafting unique gaming experiences.

Roberto Bendinelli, an avid Minecraft player and video game enthusiast, embarked on creating his own games, marking the inception of Strobetano. Early projects like ‘Turbocrusader’ and ‘Spord’ laid the groundwork, with ‘Spord’ earning the distinction of being Strobetano’s debut release.

The real turning point for Strobetano came with the development of ‘Neodori’. Initially conceptualized as a prototype named ‘Chase 3D’, it evolved into ‘Neodori’, and with the collaborative efforts of Gabriele Mercurio, Jelle Streekstra, and Danjel Ricci, it was transformed into the studio’s flagship title, ‘Neodori Forever!’

Today, Strobetano stands as a renowned name in the indie game studio realm, celebrated for its innovative approach and engaging game creations.


neodori infinity main art